Video Notes and Summary

  • If you want to drive it further, you have to know how to use your abs as a source of power.
  • You need to learn how to throw through the ball to hit the ball further.
  • I will show you an exercise / drill to teach you how to feel the abs.
  • I will also show you a drill that gets you used to the feeling of the oblique muscles.
  • With the driver, you shouldn’t move your hips too much and you should focus on using your abs only.
  • I break down the club swing into 3 steps, the legs, hips and then arms.
  • When you start your downswing when hitting the driver, the hip movement is very important. The video will show you various hip movements to illustrate what you should and shouldn’t do.
  • The tour pro’s usually will begin the downswing by doing a “sitting” move before the actual swing.
  • I also show you a couple drills and practice swings to get used to the “sitting down” movement by breaking up the different components and movement of the back and downswing.
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