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  • Is Tiger woods “back” or is his back holding him back from success on the golf course?
  • Disappointingly, in the recent Dubai tournament this year, Tiger Woods withdrew due to back spasms.
  • I think most of us want to see Tiger woods return because he made the game exciting.
  • He put us golfers in the “athlete” category when golf was looked down on in college.
  • Tiger changed the perception of golfers around the world.
  • My goal is for all those who inspire to be golfers to live and play the sport as long as possible. This is easier when taking health and fitness into consideration in addition to your golf skills.
  • When I had back problems myself, it was tougher mentally than it was physically. It was mentally tougher because it was devastating not being able to do something you love doing.
  • I am still thankful for my experiences even though not all of them were easy to get through because it made me who I am and gave me the knowledge to pass down to others and help other golfers.
  • I’ve been going through a personal training and health improvement program to help me reach my fitness goals faster and because of this I have been learning a lot about health and fitness. This has also made me stronger than I have ever been in my life.
  • Initially I lost distance from changing my swing but eventually gained yardage when my swing improved in addition to the gains in strength.
  • Focusing on legs and core is a priority for many golfers, including myself.
  • I wish Tiger Woods best of luck for 2017!
  • For those junior golfers, I will be creating a separate video on fitness and golf so keep an eye out for that!
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