Video Notes and Summary

  • This is part 1 of 2. Part 2 talks about creating power with core and can be found here.
  • This instructional video discusses the basics on how to hit with a driver and what it means to “throw through the ball”
  • Minimize sidespin and backspin to create more topspin
  • Aimee discusses the differences between an iron swing versus a driver swing
  • The differences between “down blow” and “up blow”
  • How to relax your golf grip but not your joints
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  2. Your video lessons are great! I scored my first ever 80 after watching your video on “throwing through” the ball. That resonated with me after all these years of golfing. I finally felt the weight of my club head and properly swooshed three feet after the ball. I’m excited to build on this and watching future video lessons. Thanks so much Aimee!

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