Video Summary and Notes

  • If we give a good tempo to your golf swing, your golf shots are going to get more consistent and look great.
  • A 1-2 count is considered fast and is very common on the golf course. Normally the tempo goes 1,2,3.
  • Everybody pauses slightly at the top. The tempo makes this pause look long or slow. The pause at the top is important so you can keep your tempo properly.
  • You have to use your body properly. There is a simple test I show you in the video to see if you are using the body properly.
  • If you are using the body correctly, you won’t have problems stopping at the top.
  • If you use your arms to hit the ball, you are going to have a very hard time stopping at the top of the backswing and you will feel the tension in your shoulders.
  • I prepared a simple drill to help you relax your arms and body more in the swing. It’s called a step drill and will help you use your hips to swing and not your hands.


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  1. Great video! straight to the point. Thanks!

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