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  • Today I’m going to help you pick up some distance when hitting you golf ball by going over your power impact position.
  • Even if your fundamentals aren’t perfect, if you hit the ball square on target it will go straight but the power and consistency will be limited.
  • When an amateur comes in to get lessons but lack power on impact, I typically will show them two things:
    • 1) The impact position. This consists of the weight distribution, the body angles and the club position.
    • 2) The post impact position. The position your body and club is in after the impact of the ball. If you know exactly what your post impact position looks like, you can go into that position with a lot of power and speed and feel confident the ball will go the intended direction.
  • Today, I’m going to focus on the impact position by showing you how the position is supposed to look and details involved in getting into that position.
  • On impact, there is 80-90% weight distributed in the left leg.
  • The shift of the club is leaning 20-30 degrees forward.
  • Your shoulders should be 10-20 degrees opened to the target.
  • This impact position I am describing is for all clubs besides the driver.
  • Weight Shifting: The most important aspect of the impact position is that you transfer the weight to your left leg around 80 to 90 percent and then you are going to make contact with the golf ball.
  • Many amateurs do not shift their weight properly and end up tilting their head backwards.
  • If you are an amateur that started golf later or you lack flexibility, is it important you try not to tilt your head back on impact due to increasing the chance of injuries.
  • I show you the proper head position pre and post impact in this video. The head should only move slightly.
  • I also show you the “pump drill”. You will pump twice and hit it on the third downswing. When you are pumping, you want to make sure of 2 things:
    • Getting into the proper impact position.
    • Check your head position and make sure it is shifting slightly left into the body.
  • When doing the pump drill correctly, you will feel the body being used for maximum power, not your arms or legs.


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  1. Great Tip I had forgotten, using it now and my arms and hands are coming through my swing are so much easier.


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