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  • Today I’m going to talk about the difference between “running a chip” and “spinning a chip”.
  • I will be using a 15-degree wedge to show you 2 different shots.
  • The first shot is a spinning chip shot. This shot is used so it will land and stick to the destination instead of running away.
  • The ball position for the spinning chip shot should be 1 ball left (compared to usual). You will pretend to hit and stop “at” the golf ball even though the momentum will make it hit through and actually pass the ball.
  • This will cause the ball the fly a little higher and land a little softer and put a backspin of back spin into it.
  • The second shot I will show is the running chip shot.
  • The ball will go a golf ball or 2 right of your normal position. It will deloft the club head a bit. It will also make the ball fly a bit lower than usual and run out a bit more.
  • Instead of hitting it regularly, you have to push through a bit more than usual and finish with your hand forward.
  • The downswing will be 1.5 times bigger than the backswing when trying a running chip shot.
  • One more tip: Decide whether you want to spin it or run it. You have to make the choice of running through or spinning. Secondly, you have to choose how large your backswing and downswing will be. Once you make these decisions you can hit chip shots more consistently and land it the way you envision.
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