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  • This is another question and answer segment with Aimee.
  • Question:
    • With the driver, you told us to make the swoosh sound 3′ in front of the ball. However, my swoosh happens at the ball not 3′ past the ball. How can I correct this?
  • I show you how you can fix this aspect of the swing using an alignment stick.
  • Using an alignment stick is a good way to practice when you are not on the golf course. It’s safer and it also imitates the “swoosh” sound, helping you point out issues you might have when swinging the driver.
  • I show you what “swooshing” 3 feet in front of the golf ball looks like using the alignment stick.
  • I also show you the incorrect method of “swooshing” at the golf ball and what it look like.
  • When you swoosh at the golf ball, you use your arms as the main power source. When you do it correctly, you will be primarily using your back as the source of power.
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