Video Description and Notes

  • Question and Answer segment on “How to fix excessive hip spin and slice”.
  • Questions:
    • I Feel like I lack weight shift with the lower body and I tend to rotate the hips too much (too much separation) which seems to cause a slice shot. How can I fix this?
  • Too much separation signifies that you are out of sync and you could be using too much rotation of the hips because of the lack of lateral movement.
  • Too much separation could be caused by using too much hip movements, and no abs.
  • Having a weak or unengaged core will cause your shoulders not to follow through right away, causing too much separation.
  • Imagine using your primary abs as the source of movement. I show you a visualization exercise involving a finish line.
  • To you, it will feel like your legs are staying very still when in actuality from other’s perspectives it will look like your legs are in use during this motion.
  • Once you get comfortable with this exaggerated feeling, you will be able to control the separation and be in sync, eliminating the slice!
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  1. The lower body starts the downswing is it swinging the clubhead or the handle of the club!!!! Do you swing the clubhead or handle? What comes after the downswing sequence?Thankyou for your advice!!! You’re the best teacher on the internet!!!

  2. Hands down one of the most impressive coaches on the net. Your explanations and advice makes sense. Have learnt a lot in just one week. thanks.

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