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  • Today I prepared a video to help you understand your lower body and torso movement.
  • I will show you 2 drills and exercise you can do to help you get used to the correct feeling you should feel in your lower body when preparing to hit the golf ball.
  • You should first understand the concept of letting your upper body be controlled by the movements of the lower body.
  • Because we grip the handle with our hands, many of us use our hands, arms and torso to produce the swing which can cause many problems.
  • First Exercise
    • Put your hands on your shoulders and get into the golf posture.
    • Take your left foot off the ground.
    • Rotate and turn your body using your abs.
    • Pay attention to your left hip and back during this process.
    • Do not use your shoulders to turn.
    • Feel the top of the thigh folding.
    • Do this on both sides, standing on each leg.
  • Second Exercise
    • Get into your golf posture and put both your hands on each of your hips.
    • Use your left hand and turn 45 degrees.
    • Avoid using your shoulders to turn.
    • Use your right hand to push your left side in the downswing.
    • Use your hip and back to push.
  • Always remember, the lower body controls the upper body movements.
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