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  • Today I’m going to talk about what are some of the main causes of golf injuries and what we can do to go about fixing it or preventing it.
  • When your head moves side to side too much when you swing or you swing with too much tension with the arms, you can cause injuries.
  • The goal is to focus on using more of your body to create power instead of your arms.
  • Priority 1 is to relax your arms. They say it takes 3 years to relax your arm but here are some tips that can get you there faster if you work at it.
    • Checking your grip. Having a proper grip makes it so much easier to relax your arms.
    • Feel and locate tension. You have to be able to recognize which muscles are tense and which ones are relaxed.
    • Learn to control pressure in the muscles. Instead of putting pressure in your arms, put pressure in your lower body.
    • Learn to create power with the body and not your arms.
  • I will show you a practice swing drill to help you relax your arms. When doing this drill, pay attention to 3 things when practicing this drill:
    • Your body has to rotate a lot.
    • Your arms have to relax.
    • You have to feel the weight of the club head.
  • If done right, you will notice your shoulders will rotate quite a bit, your arms will extend nicely and you will hear the “swoosh” when you swing. You should feel the weight of the club head on the way down.
  • The club head should be pulling your arms so they extend nicely.
  • When hitting the golf ball, do not focus on the ball, focus on your swing, extension, and weight of the club head all while your arms are relaxed.
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