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  • Today’s lesson is more for advanced golfers as I will show you how to control your distance when it comes to pitch shots.
  • Often, the pro golfers seems to be able to control their distance to the very yard. Amateurs typically don’t have the luxury to practice to this fine detail but I will try to go over some pointers that can help you adjust your distance.
  • If you master your 1/2 swing and 3/4 swing, you will be able to control your distance with ease.
  • We talk a little bit today about the lob wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge and pitching wedge.
  • The differences can depend on the brand of the club, but typically, these are the degrees of differences between those golf wedges:
    • Lob Wedge: 60 degrees
    • Sand Wedge: 56 degrees
    • Gap Wedge: 52 degrees
    • Pitching Wedge: 48 degrees
  • There’s about a 4-degree difference between each wedge which can make distance control easier to manage if you are familiar with your set of clubs.
  • For the purposes of this more advanced golf lesson video, I will assume you are familiar with wedges and the differences between them.
  • I personally only carry 3 wedges, the lob/sand wedge (58 degrees), the gap wedge (52 degrees) and the pitching wedge (46 degrees).
  • I will show you how to control your distance using 3 different wedges, and 2 different swings.
  • So for example. these are the distances with half swings:
    • Lob wedge: 50 yards
    • Gap wedge: 70 yards
    • Pitching wedge: 90 yards
  • Everybody’s yardage can vary, but these are the uniform distances based on the angles of the wedges I use.
  • For 3/4’s swings, my distances go to:
    • Lob wedge: 60 yards
    • Gap wedge: 80 yards
    • Pitching wedge: 100 yards
  • Based on my half to 3/4 swing, I have the main yardage covered from 50-100 yards. If you want to get the yardage between, for example, 65 yards, I would start with my gap wedge’s half swing which should reach 70 yards.
  • If I want to use my gap wedge and get the ball to 65 yards, I should choke down on the club and I would move the ball position about a golf ball’s distance left from where it was.
  • So just by changing these 2 things (the ball position and the grip position, I can adjust the distance.
  • If extra spin is required, I would go with the lob/sand wedge (58 degrees) 3/4 swing and make 2 adjustments to add 5 yards to the distance:
    • Setup normal
    • Grip up an inch up
    • Move the golf ball 1 ball’s distance to the right
  • With these 2 tips, you can cover distances with greater accuracy, increasing your chances of birdies!
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