Video Notes and Summary

  • My day begins with a little shopping and then straight to the PGA Demo Day.
  • You’ll see the 360 degrees golf range where you can hit from any point on the range without hitting anybody (unless you shank it!)
  • The environment was awesome, filled with music from their DJ and a large variety of golf industry professionals testing equipment and networking.
  • I also ran into the Tommy Morrissey, also known as the OneArmGolfer on Instagram. At six years old, he truly is a golf prodigy and cute to boot.
  • I also ran into Peter Finch and Rich Shiels, very skilled golf instructors with a pretty large following on YouTube.
  • I finally met in person the folks at Me and My Golf who were demonstrating the Bodi Track Shift System. As you’ll see in the video, I’m a huge fan of their work and they really do deserve all the success they’ve achieved.
  • You’ll see me launching some balls using the new Titleist driver and the Epic driver (Phil Michelson’s driver) as well as practicing with the K Grind and S Grind wedges. Compare to the K Grind, I really liked the S Grind better since I had more control in terms of spinning the ball.
  • You will see Ryan Winther, a long drive champion giving some tips on how you can drive the golf ball as far and as accurate as possible.
  • The “Golf Swing Shirt” also makes an appearance in the video, a stylish shirt you only want to wear on the range. It’s a great tool for you to really drill down on the fundamental angles your arms should be in when swinging a club.
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