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  • If you want to pick up more distance, getting rid of casting and creating lag in golf is very important.
  • The more you lag, the more compression and speed you will create, causing you to hit it further.
  • When you cast, you are losing your lag angle and you will be using your hand as the main source of power which will cause you to lose distance. It will cause you to hit the golf ball fat or thin.
  • Not enough power is created when you cast and lose the lag angle.
  • If you use the lower body incorrectly in the downswing, you may have to cast just to hit the golf ball.
  • I will show you the stick chip drill in this video. This drill will help you shift your body correctly and train you to use your lower body and hands properly. You may want to watch this portion of the video a few times to get the drill down properly.
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