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  • Today I prepared a lesson for those who struggle with side spin on your shots.
  • I’m going to be talking about the “takeaway” a lot today. The takeaway is the first part of the backswing.
  • The one-piece takeaway is when the body, hands, and club travel together when you get into the 8 o’clock position. The club is supposed to be parallel to the ground and target from this point.
  • I show you the correct position by putting sticks on the ground to indicate the path of the club head and hands and a fan to show you the correct position of the club head.
  • At 8 o’clock, the club face should point at the target. It shouldn’t point downward too much. This mistake will most likely cause the ball to go left or you will hook the shot.
  • If the club head faces the sky too much (open), it will probably cause the ball to slice to the right.
  • Quick drill: In order for you to feel the one piece takeaway, you want to grab your driver, a little short, stick the end of slightly in your belly button, turn to the 7 o’clock position and instead of using your hands and shoulders, you want to use your thighs, hips, and abs to start rotating. You will feel everything moving together properly.
  • Drill after you feel everything moving properly with your body: Get into the 8 o’clock position and make square contact with the golf ball using a 1/3rd of a swing.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the 1/3rd of a swing, try hitting the ball using the full swing.
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