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  • Today is a backswing lesson for those who struggle with the “chicken wing”
  • There are many reasons why the chicken wing may occur but mainly, if you pull with the right hand to make the backswing happen, you will likely perform a “chicken wing” type of swing.
  • The chicken wing causes the golf player to either chop down on the shot or pulls through on the shot. Chopping down will cause you to hit the shot “fat” so most people compensate by pulling through.
  • I will show you a few techniques on how you can prevent performing the chicken wing. One of these techniques involves uses a plate and holding it up.
  • When you are in the backswing, you should be able to carry a plate without dropping it. The right elbow and left elbow should both be pointing downward.
  • Another exercise I will show you involves holding 2 clubs parallel to each other with your legs spread a little apart beyond the shoulders and you will use these 2 clubs to swing back and forth, holding them parallel. If you hold both of the clubs parallel to each other throughout the swing, it is hard to “chicken wing” the shot.
  • Remember you want to pinch the elbows together (pointing downward) so they don’t spread apart.
  • When practicing new golf forms, remember to practice them slowly and to think deeply about it during the swing to get the correct process down.


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