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  • Today I’m going to show you a very effective drill to fix your chicken wing in golf.
  • On the top of the backswing, the elbow position pointing down should cause you to make a “holding the plate” look.
  • If you “chicken wing”, your elbow will be pointing in the incorrect position.
  • The chicken wing alters the angle of the swing plane which decreases accuracy and consistency.
  • In order to fix this problem, we will have to fix how your body makes use of your hands and shoulders by reducing the dependency on those parts of your body to using your thighs and hips instead.
  • Drill:
    • I show you a drill using a tennis ball to help you with your chicken wing issue.
    • You place the tennis ball in between your arms, keeping your elbows together.
    • With your elbows squeezed together, its very hard to use your hands and shoulders as the main source of power during your swing, reducing the chances of the “Chicken Wing”.
    • If the tennis ball is too small and hard, you can use an empty water bottle (choose one that size that you feel comfortable with best). If you chicken wing, the water bottle will fall.
    • Swinging with your hands and shoulders using this drill will be very difficult.
  • Notice the differences in the pressure in your various joints (elbows, wrists, shoulders) when doing this drill. Compare and contrast the differences with and without the water bottle or tennis ball.
  • After you perform the drill and practice swing, check your finish. You want to make sure your finish is a proper full turn finish. The chicken wing prevents this from happening.


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