Video Description and Notes

  • Today I’m playing golf at the Upland Hills Country Club with my mom.
  • Since I’ve never played at this course before, I will walk you through some of the mental notes and things to do when playing a golf course you are not familiar with.
  • I show you what I look out for when first taking a look down the fairway in terms of where to stand and what to avoid.
  • You can also see me in action examining the shot when the wind and hills are a factor and where to aim in these situations.
  • I show you what I look for when putting and how it’s always hard to listen to your own advice.
  • Due to lack of practice on the golf course, I didn’t play my best golf today. You’ll learn that golfers love making excuses for their lack of performance. =)
  • Whether it works out or not, you should have a plan of attack on each hole.
  • You also see me make my first birdie on this course on the 3rd hole.


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  1. I just started playing golf for the first time, although I have a coach instructing me, I still find your YouTube videos extremely helpful! Really love all of your videos, they really help me understand the sport of golf and prepare me for it. Thank you!!

  2. How do I start your lessons from the beginning

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