Video Description and Notes

  • The more you lag, the more power you create when hitting the golf ball.
  • Today we are going to talk about lagging and casting.
  • Lagging is caused by maintaining your wrist angle.
  • Casting happens when you lose your angle and throw your hand down on the downswing.
  • Not hinge-ing correctly will cause you to cast.
  • When people try to create power by casting, it causes more problems than it solves.
  • Coiling and using your body correctly will help you create more power.
  • I go over a few drills to help you hinge and use the body properly by gripping down on the club and making half swings.
  • Hinge-ing should complete half way. Always remember you will be making a wall with the right leg while driving through with your left.
  • I hope by watching the video you will learn how to create power by lagging and reduce issues caused when casting.
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