Video Summary and Notes

  • Today I’m going to show you how to use the left leg correctly in golf so you can hit in long and straight.
  • Amateurs sometimes learn to jump or straighten their leg on impact, but these practices are tough on the joint so I will go over some drills and go over the basic mechanics of how the lower leg should be positioned and move when swinging the golf club.
  • To illustrate the upper body’s movements versus the lower body movements, I break up the lower body movements by calling them rotational and lateral movements.
  • If you look at those using rotational power and those who rotate too much, the club swing goes “inside” too much, losing accuracy.
  • Rotating too much on the way down will cause you to lose balance. It may also cause you to tense up your shoulders.
  • The pro’s post their left leg and don’t simply just turn them.
  • If you shift power from your right leg to your left and post your left leg instead of turning it, you will be in a better position on and after the impact of the ball.
  • I show you a drill to help you keep your left foot at still as possible by putting another club on the floor aligning it with your left foot.
  • I will show you another drill that will train you to balance yourself and to get used to the feeling of putting most of the weight on the left leg, stabilizing it and focusing more on the rotational power of the core.
  • The final drill I show you will train you to balance both on your left and right leg. This drill will help you both on the backswing and downswing.
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