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  • This is the beginning of a series of lessons on how to gain distance, beginning with how to get into your power set up.
  • I am demonstrating the stance with a seven iron. I want your stance to be shoulder width apart.
  • If you have the stance too narrow, you will lose your balance throughout the swing.
  • The ball position should be in the middle of the stance or slightly left of the middle. Some people place it a bit to the right which can cause you to miss hitting the ball squarely.
  • We also talk about the distance between you and the golf ball.
  • If you stand too close to the golf ball, it will be difficult to use your body as power and you will compensate by hitting more with your arms.
  • Try not to stand while rounding your back. This can lead to swing complications and bodily injuries.
  • You should keep your heels in the balls of your feet and avoid putting all the pressure in the heels.
  • Correct posture angles are very important.
  • I will show you a few drills to help you get into the correct posture angles. To get started, follow these instructions:
    • Stand shoulder width apart.
    • Imagine a clock and have your head point toward the 1 o’clock position.
    • When you bend your knees, use your knee bend to put pressure on the balls of your feet.
    • Too much knee bend is not good.
    • Let your arms hang down and then grab the club perpendicular to the ground.
  • If you are tall, the angles will get deeper and the hands will be a lot closer to your knees than if you were shorter.
  • I want you to do a lot of mirror work to make sure you are starting in the correct angles.
  • Quick overview on how the pros get into their angles before and during their pre-shot routine
    • Grip first
    • Put the club head down
    • Get into your setup angles
    • Then gage how far or close you are from the golf ball


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