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  • If you maximize your coil in the backswing, you will maximize your power.
  • For those of you looking to pick up the distance, I’m going to show you how to coil properly in the backswing.
  • If the club head is on plane and square on impact, it will most likely go straight. This is difficult to do when you try to coil properly, but I will try to explain how.
  • I will go over how to sync and hinge when making your golf swing.
  • When you are synced, you will turn 45 degrees with your hips, your chest in 90 degrees, and your hands are ear-high.
  • I will also show you how golfers look when they are out of sync. This will provide you with no coil and distance, causing you to hit bad golf shots.
  • If your hips go way to fast, you will also lose accuracy and distance. To sync properly, use your body as the main control of your backswing, not your hands and arms.
  • I will show you a quick golf drill you can do with a towel. Basically,  you will put the towel around your chest area (under the armpits) and make half swings in order to get used to using your body as the method to swing the club.
  • For those of you with bad mobility due to low physical activity or just bad posture from sitting at your desk all day, I have some recommendations for drills you can use.
  • When you coil properly, you should feel like your shot requires very little effort.
  • I also go over things to avoid to avoid injuries when hitting the ball since avoiding injuries is as important as practicing your swing.
  • When you pull back for your backswing, there should be certain angles which you should be aware of and where the clubhead should be pointing. This video will show you these angles and where the head should be pointing as well as body position.
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