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  • Today I am going to show you how to minimize mistakes in situations that require your focus while you are under pressure.
  • when you are under pressure, your shoulders get tense. This may cause you to pull through the golf ball and may force you to slice or hook the shot.
  • With the driver, you have to throw through or push through. There are two reasons why you may not be able to throw or push through successfully.
    • Reason 1: When under pressure, you may swing too quick, negatively affecting your tempo and you may not complete the backswing. This will reduce your power on the golf swing significantly. You want to make sure you turn all the way so your back is facing the target.
    • Reason 2: Either you don’t know what it feels like to throw at the ball or you know how to but you aren’t used to it. I will show you a drill to try to fix this problem. Start by gripping the club upside down. Rotate the body 90 degrees with the club. At the top, switch hands and go to the top position and make a swish sound when you swing on the turn back. This will teach you to “throw” the club on the downswing.
  • Final Tips: Remember your tempo under pressure, complete your backswing and remember the turn and swish drill.


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