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  • Today I’m going to talk about how to relax your arms and wrists during a golf swing.
  • The most important thing is to be able to hinge and this is dependent on how you grip the club.
  • Why do we need to hinge? Hinging is important for us to relax the arms and allows us to pick up clubhead speed.
  • What should your wrist angle be at the top of the backswing? It really depends on the grip you have during the setup.
  • I go over two popular grips in detail, the modern grip
    • Modern grip: the hands are in the middle of the stance, there is a slight angle in the left wrist and you can see two knuckles when you are looking down on the grip. Thiis grip should be cupped at the top.
    • Classical grip: More of the 80’s style grip where the grip ends point at the left hip bone and the left wrist is flat.
  • How you cup the club on the backswing depends on what type of grip you are using.
  • The way you can check how your wrists angles are at the top of the grip is to grip while holding the club straight ahead, then fold 90 degrees up.
  • I go over how to practice on how to hinge properly. This is done by using the turning momentum to fold your wrists. You want to avoid using your arms as strength.
  • There are simple tools you can use to practice hinging and I show you one of them in this video. The tool helps you turn and fold properly.
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  1. Hi Aimee, Sofia from Casablanca Morocco, I love your videos that help me a lot with my golf swing. I would like to purchase the tool that helps to hinge correctly , how should I do please?

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