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  • Today I’m going to show you how to maximize your performance with a Hybrid.
  • The head of the hybrid is bigger than the regular long irons and the length of the hybrid is shorter than a fairway wood so it should be an easier club to hit with.
  • As the club gets longer, you are supposed to use more of your lower body. The separation between the upper and lower body get greater.
  • When you are swinging a short iron, your upper body and lower body move closer together.
  • Using more hips causes more separation on the swing and the arms need to be more relaxed.
  • To hit your hybrid’s pure, you need to check 2 things:
    • Ball position – you want the ball to be 1-2 ball’s distance inside the left heel. This will increase the chances of your connecting with the ball properly.
    • Coin drill – You will set the coin where the ball would be. I use a cardboard shaped coin for safety reasons. The goal is to brush the coin at the point of separation. You really want to relax the arms to do this. The more you practice the drill, the more it will help you relax your arms and learn better body control.


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  1. Hay! I really like your golf lessons for beginners. One question: You recommend us to sit down starting the driwer swing. As you explained this will get the club head in a rising trajectory at impact. This is obvious now that you have told us why. What about the irons? Can we use the the same principle of sitting down, not as much dou, to get an iron to its right trajectory? Why or why not? Anyway your advice for the drive was just excellent. I got much more hight and the diwing of my drive to the left disappeared. Maybe I will be a single!!!

    Thank you for your good advices and I hope all the best for You.

    Sorry for the bad english.

  2. I have trouble turning my hips correctly without bending my knees and getting them too involved in the swing. You say to use your thighs, not hips..can you explain this more or send me a video? I love your lessons by the way..very well done and demonstrated, thank you Aimee.

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