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  • Many people do not enjoy hitting the three wood but hopefully, after this lesson, you will be more comfortable with hitting that club.
  • The iron is shorter and three wood is longer and heavier but the basic swing concept is the same with both clubs.
  • I show you the swing with both the iron and the wood so you can compare how they look.
  • You shouldn’t use your hands as much with the longer clubs because it will make you less consistent with your swing.
  • Because of the size, you want to go “slower” and “bigger” with the 3 wood and you do not want to rush the swing.
  • I will show you a few drills to help you hit “slower” and “bigger” with the 3 wood.
    • Drill 1: Hold your arms out like a helicopter propeller while putting pressure on your thighs, use your abs and relax your shoulders. Rotate your arms using your abs slowly and all the way through. The swing when using a three wood should feel similar to this motion.
    • Drill 2: Place a tee 5 inches in front of the ball. You try to hit both the ball and the tee. The goal is to use your shoulders to push all the way through.
  • 2 Things to be careful of when hitting the three wood. Move the ball a ball’s length or half a ball to your left heel and widen your stance 2-3 inches wider than your iron stance.
  • The backswing is easier to adjust than the downswing because when you are in the downswing, the speed is much faster and more difficult to control.
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