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  • Your setup when you are in the bunker is very important. The first thing I do is go over a couple points about the setup.
  • You first want your stance wide and a little bit low with your posture.
  • The ball position should be inside your left heel or left of the center.
  • You weight sho9uld be 60% on the left foot and you should maintain it in the back foot.
  • You can’t get out of the bunker with a small backswing because the sand slows down the ball a lot.
  • You must take a full backswing at all time. But how do you control the distance?
  • You control the distance by using the size and power of your finish and the speed of the club head.
  • Do not try to “help” the ball up out of the bunker. Hit “down” on it more using a full backswing.
  • In order to practice the bunker shots, you want to find an uphill slope on the bunker and plug the ball in the sand. Full backswing. Really use your body rotation and hit down on the ball.
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