It is very common for amateurs and weekend golfers to slice the ball off the tee. In this lesson, we talk about fixing the slice that may occur with the driver so you can rip the ball down the middle. Here are some highlights from the video:

  • Unlike most of your other clubs, transferring weight into the ball with the driver can cause problems.
  • Spinning and rotating the hips should also be avoided when using the driver as it may cause you to cut the shot.
  • Keep your weight on the right foot so your hips don’t fire first.
  • Use your abs and core for power.
  • Stabilize your legs, putting extra pressure on your core muscles.
  • Feel the weight of the club head and throw the club head through.
  • The longer the club, the more you will use the lower body to bring the club to the golf ball.
  • Keep your right foot stabilized and down on the ground and allow it to follow through AFTER the impact of the golf ball.
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