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  • Today I’ve prepared a bunker shot lesson for beginners.
  • When you step into the bunker, you have to be careful not to touch the sand with your club. Testing the sand with your club or grounding it with your club is against the rules. This could be a two stroke penalty
  • I show you in the video on how you should set up by drawing some guide and ball position lines to show you where you can hit within the sand.
  • When you take your setup, your stance should be 2-3 inches wider than your eight or seven iron.
  • the weight should be more on the left side at around a 60/40 ratio and the club face should be open.
  • Do not press forward open the clubface.
  • Do not aim at hitting the ball first. You want to hit the sand first at around 1-2 inches behind the ball.
  • You want to know exactly where you are entering the sand when you try to hit the ball.
  • Maintaining the 60% weight on the left leg is also very important. I show you a drill on how you practice maintaining this position.
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  1. i love your lessons. it helped me win a tournament.

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