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  • Today we finally some training with the actual golf club. Today I will show you how to set up and grip with the golf club.
  • we will practice today with a 7 iron.
  • The Setup
    • The correct golf position with a 7 iron is the middle of the stance or half a ball left of center.
    • When you set the club down, we want the club face to be perpendicular to the target.
    • If you look at the club face, there’s a section in the middle of the club known as the “sweet spot”. We want the ball to connect with this section so it can go long and straight.
    • You really want to line up to the sweet spot, square to the target.
    • The butt end of the club should be pointed half and inch left of the belly button.
    • I don’t want you to press forward and pointing at the left hip bone. This was the classic 80’s style of the golf stance. I’m going to be showing you the modern grip.
  • The Grip
    • If the club butt is a clock, the joint of your pinky will land on 7 o’clock. Inside the ball of the palm will land on 12 o’clock
    • The thumb should not be pointing straight down the grip. It should be pointing slightly left.
    • You should be able to take off your index and thumb off and balance the club.
    • The two middle joints of the right hand will go on 6 o’clock
    • It is your choice to go interlock and overlap grip. I will show you both styles of holding the golf club in this video.
    • You want to make a “V” with the two right fingers.
    • The most important part of the grip is that both hands need to feel connected.
  • I will show you a simple technique on how you know you are at the correct distance from the golf ball.
  • If you have the correct grip, you will be able to relax your arms and apply the correct amount of pressure on the club. Without learning the fundamentals of the correct grip, this step can be very difficult to learn.


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