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  • Today I’m going to talk about the basics to pitch shots in golf.
  • The difference between pitch shots and chip shots is that if you are 5-20 yards from the pin, then those are chip shots but if you are further away, then they are pitch shots.
  • Chip shots and pitch shots are similar because your stance is narrow with a slightly open stance. You also start with 60% of the weight on your left foot and you don’t want to shift your weight.
  • There are also 2 differences. Chip shots are short so our stance should be very narrow. About the distance of your fist.
  • For pitch shots, my stance is slightly wider than Chip shots. The ball position is still left to the middle.
  • In a regular swing, you should use these body parts in this particular order: Thigh, hips, back and shoulder blade.
  • When it comes to chip shots, since it is not a full swing, you may only use the thigh and/or hip and a little back.
  • I show you a drill you can use with a golf head cover to make sure your arms are all in sync. This will keep your shots consistent.
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  1. Please notify me of any new posts.
    These are so good for gals getting involved in golf. Thanks

  2. Great lesson thanks

  3. Thank you Aimee. Best short game video I’ve seen. Thigh- hip- back is genius. Never would have thought of using the lead thigh to initiate the backswing sequence but it makes perfect sense, if you want to make a controlled turn without shifting weight to the back foot. I also find that it helps me to think of the lead/left thigh, starting the downswing sequence. This technique works very well with all the short game shots, as well as bunker and low trouble shots because it helps to ensure a downward move through the ball.

  4. Your lessons are wonderfully direct and factual, including short game lesson. If I didn’t miss it, a video on location demonstrating your lesson would be a great addition to your library of instruction.

  5. Thank you so much I’m now hitting my hybrid a lot better and now hitting even further each time thanks to your Swish amazing thank you

  6. Aimee consistently breaks the game down in bite size pieces that the beginning player can understand and gives practical drills that actually help enforce the lesson.

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    수많은 레슨 봐왔지만 기본부터 드릴까지 너무 좋습니다.

  8. Good lesson .i like to follow.thanks

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