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  • When it comes to scoring, putting is what you need to be good at.
  • Today I will talk about how to grip your putter and a couple key points to help improve your putting.
  • When you look at the left hand, you want to put the life line on the edge of the flat part of the putter.
  • You want to hold the grip very “palmsy” so you will use less of the wrist when you put.
  • The first point: The club head is suppose to lay flat on the ground. This helps you hit the ball more center to the club head.
  • You bow out your left wrist slightly so you can lay the club head flat on the ground. This part is different than how you would hold an iron.
  • The second point: You want your left eye directly above the golf ball.
  • Tip: Drop a golf ball from the left eye. This allows you to square the ball up and hit it straight so the arc doesn’t affect it’s trajectory.
  • The third point: You should point your elbows inward a little bit. You want to make sure your elbows are pinched and slightly squeezed.
  • I recommend you rocking back and for with your ab muscles only. Your other muscles will be used to hold the club still in the correct position.
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