Video Summary and Notes

  • Today I will talk about where your waist should be on a chip shot and what it means to use the bounce of the club head.
  • Leave the weight on the left foot and try to maintain it as much as possible when doing a chip shot.
  • Chipping uses a very small motion so shifting your weight is not necessary. Shifting weight may cause topping or yanking the club a bit.
  • Most people know these tips but it takes practice to actually control it.
  • By leaving the weight on the left foot, the left knee will point forward.
  • The bottom part of the club is the “bounce”. This will be used when chipping.
  • You want to use the bounce to chip and not the leading edge because its very easy to catch it thin, causing a bad shot.
  • The bounce is supposed to prevent the club head from digging in the ground too much. Focus on this when chipping.
  • I will go over a drill using a clipboard. You will swing back and forth on the clipboard and try to get the right feeling when dropping the clubhead on the clipboard.
  • Remember to drop the weight of the clubhead instead of using the leading edge when hitting the golf ball.


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