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  • In order to hit the ball further, how you start the downswing is very important. Today we will go over tips on the downswing.
  • Once you complete the backswing, you go into the “downswing transition”
  • In the downswing transitions, you have to use the correct lower body muscles rather than upper body muscles to initiate.
  • You also have to have the right order of uncoiling your coil by using your thighs, hips, and abs.
  • Many amateurs start their transition with their hands, causing them to cast. Some also spin the hips which cause side spin.
  • I show you a drill to help you with the downswing.
    • Find a wall and place the grip end of your club against the wall.
    • When you initiate the downswing, use your thighs, hips, and abs against the wall. You will be initiating the correct muscles if you feel the tension in your trunk area.
    • You want to keep your head still and your posture angles set up during this drill.
    • This drill will help you understand which parts of your body you will activate during the downswing.
  • I show you another drill you can practice anywhere, including the golf course. This drill includes making half swings and putting one foot back.
  • Eventually, your goal is to try to finish 100% on your left leg and you are starting to use your legs a lot more for power in the downswing.
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