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  • We’re going to talk about the ability to separate the upper body and lower body.
  • You should be able to rotate your pelvis without rotating your entire body and vice versa.
  • The lack of separation results in a loss of the posture angle.
  • I’m going to show you a stretch and exercise to help train you to be able to separate your upper body and lower body so you can perfect that backswing.
  • The Body Stretch:
    • Sit on a chair with our back straight and suck your tummy in.
    • Grab a golf club and put it behind your shoulders or shoulder blade.
    • Make sure your legs are together by pretending there’s a coin in between your knees.
    • You will then turn right and left. Your head and turn with this. Using a mirror to gage how much you turn is useful.
    • Remember to breathe properly during this process.
    • Try turning around 45 degrees. PGA stats say the pros turn 50-80 degrees but you can work your way up to it.
  • Exercise, The Lunge Twist:
    • Grab a light-weight dumbbell or ball.
    • Step out and go straight down with your ankles and knees in line with each other.
    • Do this about 3 times on each leg to warm up (slow and in control).
    • Once you are comfortable with this movement, stick your arms out and when you are down, twist to your left side. Repeat and twist on your right side next and go back and forth from left to right.
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