A Secret to The Perfect Grip

The secret to the perfect grip in golf
By Aimee  •  Oct 29, 2016 at 11:58pm  •  Videos

Video Introduction and Notes

  • In golf, one of the most important and fundamental factors lies in the grip.
  • Today I’m going to show you a secret on how to grip the golf club properly
  • You shouldn’t grip it too hard in the left thumb, this makes it hard to relax the wrist and shoulder. This can cause you to potentially hurt the shoulder.
  • If you don’t put pressure on the left thumb, what are you supposed to hold it with? The answer is the pinky and ball of your left palm. This allows you to relax the wrist a lot more.
  • You should be able to see the two knuckles when looking down.
  • If you take the thumb off, you will be able to balance the club using the pinky and ball of your palm.
  • You want to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the arm.
  • In the right hand, the index and thumb are the most important fingers. They support the weight of the club at the top and it compresses the golf ball, releases the toe and holds the club in the finish.
  • The left thumb should be slightly slanted. When you grip the right two fingers, it should make a “V” pointing at your right shoulder.
  • I will show you 2 drills to make it easier for you to grip the club.
    • Drill 1: Grip only with your right hand, support the weight of the club with your index and swing through using one hand. You will pull the finish parallel to the ground. Avoid putting too much pressure on the shoulder. You want to feel like you are holding a plate on the top. Your thumb and your shoulder should be a little bit more relaxed. Don’t lose your index and the thumb because this will ruin your finish. You want to maintain your “V” until the finish
    • Drill 2: Use a piece of paper (I use a 2 dollar bill), grip the piece of paper with your index finger when you grip the club. If you are able to hold the piece of paper without letting it go, it will teach you
  • Conclusion: Grip the club tight but relax wrist and shoulders. Remember the placement of the three fingers (left pinky, right index, and thumb)
  • Note: these should be used with the video to avoid confusion since many of the tips and techniques are nuanced and by only reading it will be hard to learn the exact techniques on how to grip the club.



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