Video Summary and Notes

  • I’m excited to bring you my second video in the beginner series.
  • In order to develop a great golf swing, body rotation is very important. You have to know how to maintain your setup angles when rotating the body in a golf swing.
  • As you learned in the first series about golf setup angles, you have to maintain this angle with the spine and held steady.
  • Notice when I swing, my head stays completely steady. The body movement is very powerful but it seems like somebody is holding my head steady.
  • By keeping the setup angles steady, your swing will be consistent even when you increase you power.
  • I will also show you examples of what not to do and common mistakes of beginners.
  • When you take your setup, assuming you are right handed, you will begin by rotating to the right. This is known as the backswing.
  • To keep your spine angle steady, you have to keep your knees steady. You also want to pay attention to what you eyes are doing.
  • When you start making full swings, you still eventually move your eyes to face the direction you are hitting, but for the purposes of this lesson, you want to keep your eyes steady for most of the swing. Keep your eyes on the golf ball during this process.
  • I will show you a drill where you put your hands on your shoulders and rotate your body as your would on your backswing and downswing. You will notice it is not a very large movement.
  • It’s ok if you knees move during this process. You want to make sure your knees aren’t “leading” your rotations.
  • You want to emphasize on the weight shift during the rotation process.
  • You turn, then push. It looks a bit like a reverse “C”. I also want to make sure you move within your range of motion.
  • How do you push? Put your hands on your hip bones, make sure your elbows are pointing to the side. Turn, then push.
  • On the backswing, make sure your knees and elbows are turned 45 degrees. Make sure your knees are facing forward. Make sure your eyes are pointed at the ball. I will go over this golf drill 5 times for you to get the hang of it.
  • I will also show you an additional bonus drill to help you practice the turn and pushing motion.
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  1. Hi Aimee – I really like this video on body swing, and I’ve never heard of “pushing” for the first part of the forward swing, but I like this concept. I practiced the moves in this video and am wondering what is next after the push? There must be rotation that continues after impact, (the swing doesn’t stop with the push) – yes? Do you have a video that starts where this video ends???

    Thank you very much for the help you provide to so many.

    .. Bill

  2. I have the same question, looking to develop that great, balanced finish!

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