Video Summary and Notes

  • Today we visit the golf course at Disney World and you get to meet my brother in law Kevin!
  • Kevin have been playing golf for 5 years and has been steadily improving but today I will still gladly take his money. =)
  • Today’s video blog is special. You get to see some real live swing analysis that I did for Kevin.
  • As you can see in the video, Kevin is using his chest to drive which increases power but causes backswing.
  • When you are on a slight slope, if you shift your weight to your right, it’s hard to shift your weight back to the left so you want to distribute more of your weight on the left foot and maintain that position. Doing this may cause you to lose 5 yards so I purposely aim 5 yards further than I normally would.
  • After we finish playing, we practice even more on the range. Great work ethic in golf is a must. When you aren’t practicing, your game stagnates.
  • After the game we visit my sister’s friend’s restaurant, and awesome place called The Osprey Tavern where we had great dessert, wine and food.
  • I end the day by going to a night club where I unwind with some great music and vibes.
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