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  • When you play a round of golf, ideally you want to warm up on the course and hit a few practice balls to get into the swing of things. Unfortunately, you may not get the opportunity to warm up properly. If you tee off without warming up, you may waste a few holes just trying to warm up, lowering your score.

  • In this video, I’m going to show you how you can warm up in about a minute.
  • The warm up includes movements that will help you warm up your shoulders, midsection, and legs.
  • Shoulders: Warm up by extending your arms out to your left and right and making small circles 8 times in both directions. Start with small movements first.
  • Midsection: Hold a club with both your arms and do side-bends in both directions. This will strength your arms, sides, and core. Bend straight to the side and keep your arms straight. Do this for 2 sets.
  • Legs: do 5-8 squats to warm up your legs. Remember to do them with proper form to avoid straining your joints.
  • If normal squats are too easy, try overhead squats by holding the club, extending your arms up.
  • Practice swings: If you have time, do some slow but full practice swings, feeling the weight of the club head to really work the muscles you will be using on the golf course.
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  1. Great videos , I forward your video website to my mom who’s retired and loves golf and also I watched your driving video before playing and shot a 84 on a tough desert course in Scottsdale as, thank you kindly for the help.

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